Lyn The Fin Inspires Us All…

Most of us have dreams and ambitions, some big, some small. But most of us pay lip service to those dreams. Yeah, we will do it one day some day. I want to share with you a video and story of one incredible friend of mine, Lyn Hawkins. She had a dream. And it wasn’t an easy one. To swim the English Channel for charity. And she did it. After years of training, followed by the most grueling of swims I have ever witnessed, she actually achieved her dream. I wrote about it on the blog when she did it.

I am sharing this for a number of reasons. First of foremost, I think most people would find the video here both gripping and inspiring. If she can swim the channel, surely you can do that thing you want to do too…? And as we edge closer to 2009, what better time to grapple with life long dreams?

LynSecond, I edited the video for Lyn, and it’s a good example of an amateur shot video turning out to be great viewing. Just a little training before shooting (literally 10 minutes), and a tight edit (though not that tight). The video was shown to charities, family and friends. When Lyn saw it for the first time, she was overwhelmed with emotions that she burst out crying.

Third, Lyn is also a member of the Gone Fishing crew – she assisted in a number of difficult shots that needed underwater preparation, such as the ‘hero’ duck that gets yanked under water.

So well done Lyn for inspiring us all!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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