First contact after the announcements…


Over the last 8 hours, I have received an enormous amount of texts, calls and emails. They were from across the whole planet, some from cast and crew, some from friends, other from people who have been following our adventure, and a surprising amount from professional film makers, writers and directors.

So many emails in fact, I simply can’t answer them all. So please accept this group Thank You… your words were all a comfort on a tough day. Here are just a handful of these emails…

I really am gutted to see Gone Fishing wasn't nominated. The disappointment of that aside though, you only have to look at the blog to see how many people the film has touched and inspired, which is a huge and admirable achievement in my humble opinion!

On a personal note, you've been a massive inspiration to me, and done a hell of a lot for me, and I'll always be hugely grateful to you for that. You really inspired me to kick my life off in an entirely new direction, and if you are feeling a little bit rubbish at having not been nominated, I hope you can take a bit of solace in the fact that you can affect people in that way.
James Barham, Editor

Chris, before the general storm of the day began yesterday, I wanted to tell you that your regular emails are one of the few regular mailouts that have real value in this world.  Yesterday's email came as the creative waters were "still" momentarily (not a bad thing), and I marvelled at what a great service you do by keeping us connected.  It helps us all (including you, I hope).  No time right now to go into details, but your blog is value-full and your journey important, noted, and inspiring.  Thank you for your leadership!  Let's continue to sail the ship together, Monsieur le Capitain!
Leslie Diamond, Annapolis, Maryland, US

My dearest Chris…a quick, twinge of utter disappointment but then in a flash it's 'YES, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!!! Winning is fun and glorious in it's own odd way and the feeling of exhilaration lasts for 4 minutes… I asked Josie McAvin, after she won the Oscar for Best Set Decoration for Tom Jones, what it was like, what was the feeling….  she said "It felt wonderful for 4 minutes, but then I wondered what and where my next job would be".  I never forgot that….

Always, always, always it's ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!!! 

A good rule after ANY loss is to open the champagne!!!!!!  Will be opening up a bottle here and cheering you! Arms are wrapped around you with a huge squeeze……… M
Marlyn Mason, Actress, USA

This has brought a tear to my eye. You so deserved to be nominated with Gone Fishing. I am truly sad today. I heard the nominations coming through and went straight to the Oscar site to see. I kept checking and rechecking in case I had missed it. I just can’t believe it. I sat all my family down to watch the film on Christmas day and they loved it. It brought a tear to many of their eyes. I am really sorry you did not clinch this.

Good luck with all your future projects! It’s been a fantastic journey and I shall be watching your future activities. You are truly an inspiration. There are not many film makers out there who would share their journey in the way you have done. We have all been with you on this and I am sure we will all be with you on your future exploits.
Paul of Herne Bay, Kent

I just wanted to say jolly well done. You made and ran a stonking campaign, became an even more inspirational filmmaker than you were already (not an easy task) and for a while you enabled people to believe in a dream. With so much politics involved, so much money thrown at campaigns, brunches and industry screenings for recognition, it's a tribute to you that you made the final selection. Bloody well done!
Ray Brady, Film Maker, London

Right, it’s time to put the news in the past, and focus on the present and future. Over the coming weeks I will be announcing the new projects we are rolling out in 2009.

OK, so Gen and Zee are about to take me to their favourite Curry House in Santa Monica for what promises to be an extremely over indulgent dinner. Great! ‘Cos I am starving!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Jono Layton January 23, 2009 at 9:39 am #


    Huge congratulations to you and your team (including Vernon, my Dad, of whom I have always been hugely proud!). I think that your achievements with Gone Fishing were awe-inspiring, and I have held my breath whilst it won and won awards. Now that it has reached it’s natural peak, ride the wave and make the next one. There’s always a next time! Keep going!

    Congratulations, and the very best of luck for the future.

  2. Simon Cox January 24, 2009 at 11:05 am #


    Getting to this point you’ve proved one thing; We have more chance of achieving our dreams than winning the lottery. Therefore it makes sense to go for the dream – you’ve dared and done it. Great things will come from this…

    All the best, Simon (friend & occasional tennent!)

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