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GF-PackDVDsm I have been getting feedback from people who have bought the DVD, on the movie and the whole package, and I thought I would share some of them with you… Remember, if you want your own copy in PAL or NTSC, you can still buy it here…  And if you are new to the blog, check out our trailer here, it’s only 60 seconds long and will give you a real taste of the movie.

Here are a few comments…

I've just seen the full film for the first time and I'm sitting here choking back tears. It IS a great film, everything just seemed so right about it, the story, the light, the sound, everything. My fingers are even more firmly crossed for the Oscar. Thank you for making this lovely little film.
Mike Facherty, Film Maker

I watched the movie by myself and was  in bits at the end. Amazing. I then sat my partner down and the same happened to her. Going kite flying shortly after we were still all teary. So, so beautiful. Well done.
Gareth Jones

I've watched Gone Fishing four times now and never tire of it. It's such a lovely, heartfelt little film. Absolutely charming…
Carol Ann Walters, Journalist / Publicist

DannyLaceyThanks again for signing and sending me Gone Fishing on DVD – you have no idea how much I was looking forward to seeing this film! Having heard and read so much about how it was made it was driving me insane having not seen it and I was under strict instructions from my girlfriend to NOT play it until she got home from work on it's arrival. Have to say, when it did arrive I was incredibly impressed by the DVD artwork – looks like a proper movie DVD, great first impression and set things up nice for the premier that evening!!
That evening I set the living room up for the premier. Curtains closed, lights off, surround sound on full and plasma repositioned to enhance the viewing angle (and let's not forget the popcorn)! I pressed play and sat back. Within seconds of the film starting I was already hooked (sorry, couldn't resist). The cinematography and mood of the opening was incredibly captivating. I was witnessing the standards of movie making that I'm aspiring to. This is going to be a very big mountain for me to climb!
The film was amazing and did not disappoint. Everything about it was bleeding with excellence. Emotionally, the film grabs you and gently takes you on a journey that we will all follow one day – coping with the death of a loved one and imagining what might be 'out-there' for them.
I'm sure you will never tire of hearing praise for this film. Congratulations Chris, this HAS to win the Oscar. There are far too many 'arty-farty' films out there that do nothing for the film experience and not so many good traditional style movies with the proven formula of a good, relatable story well told.
Very much looking forward to seeing your future projects – this stuff is in a different league!!
Danny Lacey
Film Maker, Leeds

Wendy Outstanding! Kyle and I watched Gone Fishing last night. From the moment I put the DVD in, waiting for Kyle to finish brushing his teeth, I sat back and closed my eyes while listening to the music for Gone Fishing.  Straight away I was peaceful. Thank you.

I felt the tears roll down my cheeks a minute into the movie. We were captivated the moment it started. It is the perfect gift for all those visual people out there.  The visuals were incredible and the lighting captured every moment so well. You could not have put a better cast together.  The bond between adult and child was beautiful.  I don't think there is a soul out there who wouldn't be touched by this movie.
If I was a true critic, I would say Gone Fishing is a Masterpiece. After the movie Kyle and I sat there and smiled.  We are extremely proud of what you have created. We continue to support and wish you well.  Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to support Gone Fishing.  In the meantime, we will be ordering a couple copies through the link you have sent previously.
Wendy Pauw,
IT Trainer and Associate Producer on Gone Fishing, Some Far Flung Land!

Oli Gone Fishing is…awesome. Clearly, I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed, given all the raves and the festival wins and the Oscar short-list, but it truly blew me away.  It’s a remarkable achievement and I wish I could have been a part of it.  But then, when I look back on the time it was coming together and realised how far we’ve both come, I realise that I’ve gone a long way vicariously through you, the film and the blog. Huge congratulations on a fantastic achievement. 

And if you wanted any further endorsement, my other half hates short films and she absolutely loves Gone Fishing. So, I guess it’s onwards and, indeed, upwards.
Oli Lewington, Film Maker

Thanks so much to everyone who felt they had to write to us to let us know how the film impacted on you. It's such a reward to us all.

Onward and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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