Gone Fishing Seminar Near Completion

Course I have spent the last few days working very hard on the Gone Fishing seminar that we shot at BAFTA last January – I want to be able to launch this seminar on the anniversary of the premiere when it was recorded. I always knew it was going to be a big job, but it really has turned into an extraordinary educational tool. I have asked a few people to look at various sections to make sure all is working well, and the feedback I have received has been superb.

We are going to sell this online seminar, which will be around eight to ten hours of edited and detailed film making tips, tricks and techniques, as a way of raising more funds for the coming events in Jan and Feb this year. We were going to release on DVD, but the wisdom is now that we deliver online so people can click, buy and watch immediately.

Doing the final polish on the seminar, I have been struck at just how much detail we managed to fill it with, and if emerging film makers choose to make the small investment of money and time to do this, I am certain that it will transform their careers.

There is one final section to present and film though – the final round up about film festivals, awards and a final analysis on how well we did with the goals that we set out to achieve. I will be letting all the associate producers know when we will be filming this final part of the seminar, and of course, they will be invited.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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