Distribute Your Film Online With Distrify, your personal VOD tool

Distrify-logo A few months back I posted a series of blogs about DynamoPlayer, a cool way for me to rent my films or consumers online. You can read those original posts here and here. Soon after, I was contacted by a dynamic pair of Scotts film makers who had been beavering away at their own solution, similar to DynaoPlayer, and called Distrify.

Both Distrify and DynamoPlayer offer the same thing, the ability for me to upload my film and charge people to watch it.

But the Distrify team have added a few VERY cool features. And so I have decided to try out Distrify for a while, to see how it really compares to DynamoPlayer in the real world.

First off I have to hold my hands up and say that the Distrify guys set me up with an account and added my files, I didn’t do it as I am neck deep in prep for the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass.

I have had a rummage around in the background though and it all looks easy enough to setup and get a campaign running very quickly, so no shakes there.

So what does Distrify do that DynamoPlayer does not?

Well quite a lot actually.

First, it offers an affiliate program. You can put my film on your site and YOU can get a slice of any sales made. I can set the commission rate too, from 5% upward. This is a VERY exciting option.

Second, you can upsell your stuff from inside the video window – that could be T-shirts, BluRays or DVDs etc. It will even publicise your up and coming physical screenings (festivals for instance). Again, this is an amazing evolution which effectively turns your movie screen into a shop window for all your extra stuff.

Third, the system creates your own page. It’s not a super sexy page, but at least it exists and will essentially offer a searchable shop on the Distrify website (though Distrify has no shop or search engine yet).

Fourth, Facebook. While it is possible to embed your film onto Facebook with DynamoPlayer, it’s a far from easy or elegant solution. Distrify appear to have made it a one click deal with their Facebook app – instructions here (though I must add I have not tried it yet).

Over the coming weeks I plan to delve right under the Distrify hood and report back.

Guys But what is most exciting for me is the two guys, Peter and Andy, who created and run Distrify. Like the Dynamo team, they are also film makers who genuinely want to create a tool that will help all film makers monetise their work, and therefore help the industry. And I can tell you they are a very dynamic duo too – after making suggestions to them about how to make improvements, they didn’t send me a thank you email, they sent me a link to the site with those changes implemented! These guys take great ideas and make them happen almost overnight.

They need to get their pricing right, so it works for them as a sustainable and scaleable business, but also for us as film makers. Again, I am happy to report that they do listen to feedback. They want to get it right. Very smart cookies.

Honestly, these guys may become the most important palyers in UK film distribution in the years to come. Keep an eye on them.

This is all great news for us film makers as it means they react to our needs, listen to our wished and complaints, and then react quickly. And competition with DynamoPlayer will only drive innovation.

I know the guys at DynamoPlayer and Distrify now and I can tell you, ALL of them want the same thing. Film makers making money from their films.

Right… check out Distrify with the player above and let me know what you think, compared to DynamoPlayer (here).

Onwards and upwards!
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  1. Hugh Hancock June 3, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    OK, this does sound VERY cool (and I’m not just saying that out of Scottish solidarity).

    The affiliate feature is the one that made my ears prick up. In the mainstream Internet Marketing world, affiliate sales are one of the most important tools for getting your work out there and sold. Having the ability to engage affiliates could be massive for making indie work monetisable on the Internet.

    (Plus, it sparks a new revenue model altogether – the recommendation blog for films, which makes money through sales of other peoples’ work via an affiliate program).

  2. Pat Higgins October 13, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    After a lot of background reading, we’ve dived into the Distrify model this week for one of our features. We’d already had a DVD release for it, but after the distributor sadly folded we got the rights back. Our first instinct was to find another DVD distributor, but the changing landscape prompted us to try something different. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how things turn out!

    • Chris October 13, 2011 at 10:13 am #

      Hey Pat, do lets us all know how you get on with Distrify! Some real world data is VERY useful for all who follow in your footsteps. Let me know if I can help spread the word. CJ

      • Pat Higgins October 18, 2011 at 10:13 am #

        Cheers Chris! So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with the ease of process, and plenty of people seem to have picked it up and embedded on Facebook, etc. but this hasn’t yet resulted in player views being converted into rentals. Very early days yet, of course, and I shall keep you posted on our progress. Naturally any additional word-spreading is greatly appreciated!

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