From Beneath Us, a new project with real BITE!


For a short while now I have been collaborating with two film makers on a project called ‘From Beneath Us’. Judy Goldberg, formerly of Impact Pictures, and Thorsten Hagemann, formerly of Constantin Film, wrote the script over the last year or so, and when he read the script, editor Eddie Hamilton (who had worked with Judy on Resident Evil: Apocalypse) suggest Judy watch ‘Gone Fishing’. She did and within a day we were sat in a pub, chatting about possibilities and getting excited about the future.

The story could be described as ‘Good Will Hunting in a raft’ or as I prefer, ‘Good Will Hunting meets Jaws…’ It’s about some survivors of a plane crash in the Pacific, and how the slowly come to terms with mortality and their past. It is essentially a fascinating story about guilt and forgiveness. Above all though, the REALLY excellent writing is what told me I had to work with Judy and Thorsten.

And so we have been swapping ideas and notes, and I am now attached as director. FANTASTIC! And what makes this project even more exciting is that both Judy and Thorsten are producers too. In fact, they are very experienced in production and turned their hand to writing after being unable to secure the great script for their first feature project together.

Judy Judy is currently in the UK and Thorsten in Mexico, and we all communicate over Skype. It works very well, and I know that when they both sit down for a long writing session, they just hook up over Skype and leave the line open as they work. It’s almost as good as being in the same room together.

I will be flying back to LA in the coming weeks, to begin a series of meetings with studios and production companies in the hope that the project, pardon the pun, floats. So all fingers crossed.

I have to say, it’s really great to be working with guys who have an American ‘ear’ and a desire to really ‘move’ the audience. The script just jumps off the page from word one as it’s VERY simple, telling one story, but telling it very well.

Very exciting!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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