Meetings begin…

TandJ Today, I hit the tarmac running with a breakfast meeting down in Manhattan Beach, a sunny town on the outskirts of LA. I was meeting with Judy and Thorsten, the writers and producers of ‘From Beneath Us’. They were in town for many reasons, but on Sunday  night, they went to one of the exclusive Oscars parties and ended up meeting the guys who won the best short film award!

We discussed all sorts of exciting things, but our main focus right now is getting FBU into a state where it can be produced, and so far, Mexico is looking very attractive to us. We will see how that develops.

As Judy is British, we also decided it was time to go and see the UK Film Council, to see if and how they can help. The irony of sitting in a restaurant in LA and discussing UK film meetings was not lost on us! After the meeting, Thorsten flew to Mexico City and I spent most of the day with Judy, hammering out lots of ideas before jet lag finally shot me down in flames.

Tomorrow I leave for the Sedona Film Festival where I will be staying for a few days. I cannot wait (though the ten hour drive through the desert does give me pause for thought – I have just seen too many American horror movies…!)

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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