The Oscar Goes To…

CD The Oscars are over and Spielzeugland (Toyland) won best short film. It’s a story about the holocaust which by all accounts is very powerful, and of course, it’s subject matter is always going to play well to Hollywood folk.

Slumdog swept the board, and I am particularly delighted that my old film school buddy, Chris Dickens won for editing Slumdog. Chris cut my film school graduation film (Captain Zap – a half hour narrative about a kid who draws Conan the Barbarian style comic strips), and then did the sound editing on my first feature The Runner. He is an incredibly nice chap and it was good to see him up there on stage collecting the little gold chappie. Well done Chris! I am sure in due course I can convince him to come and chat to us about his experiences and what it was like going to the Oscars!

As the parties continue into the night, I get on a plane to LA to start building a whole new chapter of possibilities… I must admit I have very mixed feelings. Sadness that we got so close, fear that LA may just be a big dreamy bubble that could not just burst, but deflate, anxiety over the long haul flight… But I am very much awake. Focussed. And determined to make the most out of the opportunities that Gone Fishing has created…

Right… Calling the cab now…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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