Going Japanese…

Shortshorts2 So it looks like I am going to Japan! I just got word from the Short Shorts film festival in Tokyo…. Here’s what they said…

Hello!! Hope this finds you well. We finally would like to offer you the invitation to attend to the festival.

We will offer your flight from London to Tokyo (two ways). We'll have many events not only your screening but welcome party, visiting temple etc. So you must enjoy here in Japan!! I really hope this offer works for you.

WOW! Japan really will be an experience – I am really looking forward to neon, sushi and some great short films. They have a twitter account too, but hey, as the Twitter in Japanese, goodness only knows how that will work! Just looking at their website too, I can see just how unreal it will be as I can’t even begin to read their buttons as they are written in Japanese!

Culture shock here I come!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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