'Gone Fishing' wins another festival… that's thirty something by my counting!

IIFF09_laurel_WorldCinemaShort I am in the deepest darkest depths of this corporate job and slowly losing my mind, as one does during production. But a little ray of sunlight glimmered last night when I got word from the Indianapolis International Film Festival that ‘Gone Fishing’ won the Best World Cinema short award. WOW!

We have won a couple of ‘Foreign Short’ or ‘World Cinema’ awards for ‘Gone Fishing’ while playing in the USA and it’s always seemed odd to consider ‘Gone Fishing’ as a foreign film – I think of foreign films as being in a different language to the native language, coming from Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Asia. I know technically ‘Gone Fishing IS foreign – I guess it says a great deal about where I consider my cinematic home and future to lie.

Onwards and Upwards

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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