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Oscars I am still suffering with my tooth abscess, getting only a few hours sleep a night, and only getting a few hours relief four times a day as I get the sweet spot with the pain killers, before the pain returns. Of course this would all happen over a bank holiday! (and I am writing this blog entry at 3 am while the pain killers are just starting to kick in)

I have taken this opportunity to add more content to the Online Gone Fishing Masterclass, including a whole new 45 minute video with Eddie Hamilton on what HD really means to you and me as film makers. I have also added more stuff to the Oscars section – you may not know it but getting into the Oscars race is actually quite easy for a short film maker, but you MUST jump through some specific hoops or you will be disqualified. I know of several world class shorts that fell foul of the Academy rules, so make sure you don’t!

I also added the programme for the screening of the ten shortlisted live action films and animated films. This screening took place in LA (one of three from which votes are drawn to make up the five nominated films) and it shows which ten films we were up against.

I know from feedback from five seperate parties who were at that screening that Gone Fishing played very well, but this one screening was only part of a series of three screenings. Again, the whole process is outlined in the online masterclass (the main part is winning an accredited festival, which we did in Rhode Island, or by commercially screening, whcih we also did and I wrote about on the blog here). If you want to see the Oscars Shortlist Screening Program, you can click here to view it (at least if finally provides documented proof that we were Oscars shortlisted).

We have had a flurry of feedback for the online masterclass too, and it’s still getting extraordinary comments… You can check out the last batch of feedback here.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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