The next feature film… so close to being announced…


The dust is settling on our frantic Corporate Film and I feel a little like I have been at war for three weeks – but earned some money for the extended script development process that sits ahead of us. So much has happened with our, as yet, unannounced feature film project too – contracts have been flying around between authors, LA attorneys, and where possible, Judy and I have squeezed in the occasional meeting and conference calls. Now we are back on the film 100%.

So we have a two pronged strategy for the next year.

First is the Hollywood option – we are developing this film, a very specific film for an open door in Hollywood. It will be a small Hollywood picture, by their standards, but huge by UK standards. We are also going to develop a project to follow on from this film. Of course, all fingers are crossed that the project goes… you never know.

Second, IF the project in LA does NOT go, or gets delayed, we have a lower budget British feature waiting in the wings (with Ivan the Ivanator).

We are going to spend the next few months developing both projects, hand in hand. At the relevant times we will announce both, but only when all the usual legal stuff is in place as both are quite high concept.

I have to say I am very excited as the Hollywood project looks very much like it has a good chance of being a ‘go’ production in the next year or so. On reflection, I have never worked on a project that looked more like it has every chance of getting to set, but more importantly, it has distribution built in – posters on busses, trailers on TV etc. – giving it the best chance of international success.

Best of all, I know I have found a terrific partner in Judy Goldberg – she is both a superb writer AND a great hands on film maker – I now know that our dynamic will power through barriers and create massive results very quickly. And we have a secret weapon too… Mr T (not the one you are thinking of) in Germany… More on Mr T in due course…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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