Download And Read A Complete Interview From The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook

Pocketbook COverSo we are getting closer to our glitzy London based ‘Guerilla Film Makers Pocket Book’ book launch, and I thought I should bring you up to speed on some things that are going on and appearing on the web. First of, at the bottom of the page are links to buy the books direct from us, signed of course. You can now get it on Amazon too (UK here and US here), and it’s cheaper of course, but then why would you want to make Amazon shareholders any richer? 😉 When you buy from us we make approximately 12 times more from the sale. Really, twelve times more. So if you do, THANK YOU! We won’t forget your choice.

Bookpages OK, so editor extraordinaire Eddie Hamilton posted on his site the full interview he did for the book – this is the PDF directly taken from the New Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook. You can download it and read it here. You can also watch the video we did with him over the weekend of the opening for ‘Kick Ass’, which he also edited – click here. These clips and PDFs are all mirrored on Eddies website here, which in itself holds tons of information for editors.

The PDF interview with Eddie will give you a real sense of the quality, quantity and depth of content in the books. And there are reviews now appearing online too. Danny Lacey posted a great review on Amazon (the video on this page). And here is what Film Snobbery said about the book… (and you should check out his show too!)

Nicpiclive ‘If you are a low/no budget filmmaker and are only going to read one book on filmmaking this year, then it must be this one…  This is one of the most complete compendiums of information currently available on the market. It is certainly a daunting book to read from start to finish in just a few sittings, but it is really very handy if you are just looking for a tidbit of info on a particular subject. It’s basically an entire encyclopaedia on filmmaking jammed into 320 pages. Get this book immediately and I guarantee that your next project will be better for having done so.’ Whole review here.

And Oli Lewingtons review is here

And Leilani Holmes’ review here

OK, here’s your chance to buy one of the first 200 books, numbered and signed by all three authors!There are two ways to get a copy.

Chris Jones Signes The Guerilla Film  Makers Pocketbook1. With a ‘Launch Party Ticket’ (where you collect the book on the night – May 6th, London).

2. Posted to you (where you pay additional postage).

We have a box of 200 very special ‘first edition’ books headed to me right now, direct from LA where they were signed by co-authors Gen and Andrew last week. When they arrive in the UK, I will sign them too. These books will be numbered 1 – 200 and represent the first 200 books available in the UK.

Gen Signs The Guerilla Film Makers  Pocketbook100 of these books are available as part of the UK launch party at The Phoenix Artists Club at number 1 Phoenix St., WC1H ODT on May 6th 2010 – effectively, buy one of these books (£15.00) and you get a ticket to the party!

It’s going to be a great event where you can meet the whole team behind the book, chat with some of the experts featured in the book, as well as network with other film makers. We will also be running a short seminar with guest speakers to be announced. Tickets are limited to 100.

Remember, you collect the book at the event.

Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook and free ticket to UK Launch Party

The second 100 copies are for mail order only, for readers who cannot make the London launch party.

Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook pos
ted to UK address

Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook posted to NON UK address

We do expect these to sell out rather quickly, so if you want one, I would buy it now. If you are not coming to the launch party, your book will be posted in the last week of April / Early May, depending on when they arrive with me.

AAAAAuelOh0AAAAAAFXALQ And if you live in the USA, get ’em direct and signed by us all from Gen and Andrew in Hollywood. Use the button below…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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