Screenwriting and what we learn from the script reader, a workshop with Lucy Hay

Lucy Course Today I hosted a brand new workshop with the very charismatic Lucy Hay – called ‘How To Be A Great Screenwriter’. And for once it was nice to sit back during the workshop and not be center stage! Thankfully, Lucy tackled the day with passion, gusto and disarming honesty. And you will see from the feedback below that she delivered on the promise of the course, and then some.

For me, one stand out moment that resonated with my own personal experience was when she said that sometimes, how your screenplay ‘looks’ is as important as how it reads. It’s kind of a screenplay ‘beauty contest…’ I know from the scripts that come across my desk, I take a deep inner groan when they are inappropriately formatted or when the writing is very dense. It looks wrong and scary. Neither is a good frame of mind to begin reading what could, in a perfect world, be the next film you make…

Group I wasn’t sure how well this rather niche course would play out, but it went so successfully that I can confirm that we will be running it again, assuming Lucy isn’t too busy on a writing assignment.

OK, here’s what the talented group of writers in the class had to say about her and the workshop…

‘A great balance of personal experience, anecdotes and examples with added good advice and insight. Engaging and comprehensive, brimming with insight!’
Andrew James Carter, Screenwriter
Stars5 (wanted to give six out of five)

‘Lucy is an outstanding and energetic speaker who is passionate and knowledgeable. Any writer wanting to improve their craft should take her course
David Chamberlain, Screenwriter,

‘A relaxed setting and a good group size, and Lucy is a font of knowledge…’
Paul Molloy, Spark / Gaffer and new Screenwriter

‘A well thought our day that was fantastically empowering. Essential for the screenwriter! I LOVED it!
Catherine Arton, Casting Director / Director

 ‘Lucy has outdone herself again, proving that she’s so comfortable with her reading skills that she can share them with us all…’
Ben Russell, Writer

‘Nicely structured’
Cherry Bennet, Writer

LucyYou can follw Lucy on Twitter here, and read her blog here. Lovely!

And remember, we have twp cracking courses coming up too – first is the Distribution in 2010 With Jon Riess on May 8th / 9th, followed by our Script To Screen Event with the writer of 'Death At A Funeral' Dean Crain, May 30th. If you want to know more about the Script To Screen Events, there is a video here from the last two that we hosted, for Shifty and Dead Wood.


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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