Terrific Video Interview With ‘Hero’s Journey’ Guru Chris Vogler

chris_voglerI recently filmed this terrific interview with Chris Vogler as he could not make it to the Screenwriters Festival this year. His work on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ through his workshops and books has transformed many screenplays. In the interview, Chris offers insights into screenwriting today, shares ideas on how the Hero’s Journey can be used as a tool to quickly build ‘pitches’ and discusses new approaches to improve your writing immediately with new and unique ‘tools’. 

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Pdf iconIn the interview, Chris speaks about the legendary memo that he wrote which was then passed around Hollywood – and we have tracked down a copy for you to read here.

Chris also has lots more information about the Hero’s Journey on his website here…

Downloadable podcast version below.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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