Create a timeline for your projects

During the overhaul of my website, I have used a cool new tool to map the history of Living Spirit. You can see it above.

It’s made me reflect on how much low cost or free ‘plugin’ technology I am using now. There is this, created by Dipity, I also use Google Calender (plugged into to my website here), Eventbrite (to power bookings for events), of course PayPal and Google Checkout, Vimeo for video delivery, Aweber for my email list, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr… Recently I used Animoto to create a quick and fun online slideshow… All of this is now controlled by a website and embeddable into your website and blog via editable plugin widgets.

These tools are so common and accessible now that it seems strange to be writing a blog about it. But this modular approach to building a business is very exciting as it means it’s possible to create slick and powerful websites without the need to program code.

So what cool plugin tools have you found that have transformed your web presence?

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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