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The last few weeks have been frantically busy and I have hardly had time to get to the blog. I am working on two massive new initiatives – first is ‘50 Kisses’ (we will be announcing the 50 script winners next week – please join the Facebook page for info on the next leg for filmmakers – http://www.facebook.com/50Kisses). And second is TEDxEaling. Yep, we are running our own TEDx! How cool is that!

I had the idea a while back but it took the involvement of one of our LSF volunteers, Hillary Pierce, to really get it going. We are just firming up speakers now. What you need to know if you want to come, is that there will only be 100 tickets available (due to TED licensing). So if you want to come, head over to the website now and join the mailing list – you will get an email when tickets go live. www.TEDxEaling.com.

We are also updating the site every three days with a fantastic TED talk on ‘story’, the theme of our TEDx… Today is James Cameron (watch here). Check back every few days for a new talk, or follow TEDxEaling on Twitter.

Right… so much to do!

Onwards and upwards!

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