Reflections on TEDxEaling and the power of passion

I never liked rap. It’s a musical artform that just never chimed with me.

That’s one reason why I invited young British female ‘light-the-blue-touchpaper-and-stand-back’ rapper Dekay to come and present at TEDxEaling.

And I am so glad she accepted as she ripped the stage up.

Her passion, dedication to excellence and explanation of the artform was to many of us present a true revelation. And to be delivered by such an eloquent young woman who had by her own story, emerged from the troubled estates of East London, was an extraordinary thing to witness.

For me Dekay provided the highlight of TEDxEaling because her presentation was so passionate, raw, imaginative, surprising and informative. She performed one of her raps onstage, as well as a live improvised rap – both took courage and skill – and she ate them AND us alive!

And she opened my eyes, ears and most importantly heart, to rap.

She got the biggest cheer of the day and it was well deserved. That night I bought her CD online too – her page is here…

Looking forward to sharing her TEDxEaling video once it’s edited.

Onwards and upwards!

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