50 Kisses: The poster designs are in…. which would you choose?

50 kissesAs the premiere for 50 Kisses approaches (get your tickets here), we needed to lock down the movie poster – quad size for displaying outside UK cinemas (we are also doing a standard US portrait orientation versions too). My original art (right) has seen us through production, but now we need something extra special.

The lovely and highly talented folk at What Is Bobo? here at Ealing studios are used to doing movie posters for $50m Hollywood movies, but with a little arm twisting, we convinced them to help us out by creating our 50 Kisses poster.

Here’s the concepts they came up with. What do you think?

The challenge was to represent the whole film – remember 50 Kisses may sound like a romance or chick flick, and it does have romance, but it also has zombies, synthetic humans and a fare share of thrills. We also wanted to communicate the idea of the crowdsourced nature of the film. And at the back of my mind is the idea of how to be ‘remarkable’, that is, worthy of ‘remark’ – the most important thing is to actually be noticed as we are bombarded with sales images constantly, and we filter out most.

So what do you think? Please do leave your opinions and next week we will reveal which we selected and what modifications we made.

And if you are interested in making your own posters, I wrote a article on that HERE

The Posters

Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-7 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-6 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-5 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-4 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-3 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-2 Quad_Concepts_50Kisses-1

So what do you think?

Onwards and upwards!

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