What game are you playing and who are you competing against?

00027418What game are you playing? Who are you competing against?

Consider most of us compete with the people closest to us, who rarely are world class in their field right? Do they feel that competition with you in perhaps negative ways? Does that shut down some possibilities? Can you rely on them to share strategies, insights and help when needed? I mean really help… FULL OUT?

Now consider what would happen if instead of competing with your peers, you compete FULL OUT with the possibility who YOU could be, the VERY BEST POSSIBILITY…  Not what other people’s limiting beliefs pull you back down to be, but deep in your gut, that very best, most focused, most passionate YOU.

Compete with that person FULL OUT… and your peers will close ranks to support, encourage and help. You will transform from player to leader… and not just a leader but a TEAM leader…

THAT person is a person worth playing against…

And the best part? You can only win. Win the game, you win. Lose the game, you learn and inspire and pick yourself up and play again FULL OUT. Win win!

DING DING Round One…

Onwards and upwards!

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