Morpheus… ‘Do you think it’s air you breathing now?’ Choose your reality with open eyes and wisdom

Reality is not the world around us. Reality is a story we tell ourselves about the world (often seeking confirmation and evidence from our family, peers and even strangers).

Reality is defined by what we focus on and what we make it mean.

Choose wisely as what to focus on, and examine what you make that mean.

Remember, the meaning we create is NOT a reality, a fact or a truth, it’s A STORY that has been created to support a view of life.

If we do not like our reality, we can choose to focus on something else or choose to make what we focus on mean something else.

A rainy day may mean one thing to a parent (versions of urgh), but to a kid it means puddles you to jump in.

The rain will still happen irrespective of the story either tells. So become a story teller of joy and possibility and jump in the puddles. And guess what, the magic will manifest.

Onwards and upwards!

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