Who are you writing for? One technique to help you focus on your target audience

I spend a lot of time writing stuff. Nowhere near as much time writing creatively (drama) as I should, but still, it’s writing.

I am always looking for tools to help me write both faster and more powerfully.

Recently I have been trying out writing for just one person.

Not a group, fans or a demographic… but an individual person who I know personally. And this technique works. Anyone who has made up a story for a kid at bedtime knows how this works. You KNOW what story to tell them, and they love it.

Of course, I need to know that this person will LOVE the idea, genre, theme and execution I have planned. And if they do, I write JUST for them.

This person is already a member of a number of demographics, so by just writing for them, I may well hit certain audiences anyway. But… the focus of just one person in the writing gives me huge clarity.

Aside from focus, I have found this also allows me to write with more conviction and courage. I don’t care about anyone except that one fan. She knows what she wants and I know what to write for her. No-one else matters aside from her experience.

I am also relieved of the indulgence of writing for myself. Ironically, this allows me to write faster. It encourages the illusionist in my writing, rather than the artists filled with the need for self expressed angst. Of course the artists often pops up and I try hard to shut them down. I remember I am writing for a fan and not for myself.

Try it out, it works for me, it might work for you.

Onwards and upwards!

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