LSF’14: Commit now as sitting on the fence will get splinters up you’re ass

An-excitied-pitchee-at-the-LSF-Great-Britsh-PitchfestLife has really been happening over the last few weeks. I will share in due course, but it’s part of the reason for my absence on the blog.

Life accelerates when we commit. In the moment of commitment, instead of being paralysed by indecision, we find ourselves on the rollercoaster…

When I am not moving forward in my life it’s almost always because I am resisting making a choice.

And whatever we resist will almost certainly persist.

You have read countless posts from me about the extraordinary sessions and speakers at the LSF. But what I cannot convey in a post, without perhaps sounding at best evangelical, or at worst, a nutcase, is that you will leave with strength in your heart, your passion reignited and also a part of a movement. Part of a tribe of like minded creative people.

Life is short and I know that there are very few opportunities like the LSF for people like me and you to create massive and lasting change in our lives and careers.

So, while the festival is an outstanding educational experience and professional development initiative… it’s also so much more.

Our staff, our speakers and most of all, our delegates… we are all taking a stand for YOUR success and YOUR full self expression.

And if you join us, YOU will also be part of taking stand for other creative people to reach their potential too. We are in this together.

We all have so much to say in our lives. And I don’t want you to be silenced by life. I don’t even want you to ‘say it’. I want you to fucking ROAR!

I know I sound like a crazy person. But fuck it, I am a believer in humans being fully self expressed and not shut down by the resigned and cynical world around us.


If you don’t get this ‘groove’ that’s cool.

But if you do, join us over the three days of October 24th to 25th.

Step up and into a whole new peer group that will hold you to higher standards, inspire you to let your full creativity rip… ROAR!

Again, we only live once, let’s cause some damn mischief!

So… 100 industry speakers, 800 creative people like you and me…. Come and re-connect with what is REALLY important in your life.

It will rock your world. I promise.

Sign up here…

Onwards and upwards!

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