Whenever you feel like giving up, remember… Victory is close

More than once I have heard successful creative people complain that it’s too hard for people to break into the business as there is simply too much competition.

It’s an easy assertion to make from the top. Made with good intention I am sure.

It’s an even easier assertion to make from the bottom too, a complaint that paints a story of artists and creatives with no chance of success because or reasons X, Y and Z. Replace X, Y and Z with favourite complaints.

In my view there are not too many actors, filmmakers or creatives in the business or attempting to ‘break in’.

We all have a right to create and share, to aim high and to succeed, and also to fail.

We all have the right to be wonderful humans or assholes, to act with dignity or to blame others for our failures.

We all start where we start. We all have the resources we are born with. And whatever we are born with, it’s almost certainly enough to succeed if we are focussed and determined.

From this starting point at birth, we can choose to build and grow or complain, blame others and destroy. We can all be smart or stupid (and likely be both at some time). And we can learn or live our lives in circular ignorance.

Yes there are people who are richer, smarter, better connected, better looking, younger, more gifted… yada yada

But they are not YOU.

Do not undervalue or underestimate YOU.

To be the fully self expressed YOU will also take courage. That should inspire you. It inspires me.

In my view, in the end it’s not about how far we go, but how far we travel from our starting point, a point randomly selected at birth.

Success can be neasured in box office, profits and awards. But the real juice of the creative soul is creating, contributing and growing. And that ONLY ever happens when we do stuff and share it.

So the next time you feel those X, Y and Z complaints bubbling up, create something instead, share it, contribute and grow from the experience.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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2 Responses to Whenever you feel like giving up, remember… Victory is close

  1. Stu February 18, 2015 at 5:29 pm #

    I hope so … some days of late have been full of self-doubt and thoughts of jacking it in

    • Chris February 18, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

      Hey Stu, I get it. Keep the course. And opportunity is often in the strangest of places and presents in ways unexpected.

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