Monica Lewinsky and the price of shame: Why we ALL need to open our hearts to her message

This outstanding TED talk from Monica Lewinsky highlights for me what the biggest problem the internet poses. While many get all worked up about porn, piracy and other easy internet targets, I am more worried about the way in which we exploit other people’s misfortune, either for personal pleasure, or for profit.

That we partake in it so willingly shows a worrying detachment.

And so I wanted to share this TED talk as it’s one of the most insightful, moving and powerful calls to action I have heard.

I believe that it’s time for us all to take responsibility for making the internet a better place.

After all, the net is the place where we as creatives will increasingly do more and more business. It’s where we house our shop fronts and host our gatherings. It’s where we share ideas and find collaborators.

It’s also a place where trolls and cyber bullies, even well funded corporate sized cyber bullies, operate freely.

For me, there is no place in OUR future digital high street for detached, dehumanising and psychotic behaviour that seeks to profiteer from the commodification of other peoples private lives, poor choices and misfortune.

I believe we are better than that.

358d2bb593fcf6b9b87a2464038c77bc215c017d_800x600So I salute Monica for taking a stand. I think she rocks.

It’s all a choice.

What we say and do, even online (and perhaps especially online) defines who we are in our souls.

Onwards and upwards!

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