The four principles every creative needs to use when asking for help for their project: What we can learn from three Mexican schoolkids playing heavy metal

P03Over the weekend, three girls from Mexico went viral with a cover of classic metal anthem ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. And these three girls, Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra, simply SLAYED IT! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch above

So what can we take away from this success and apply to our own projects and ideas?

  • 001It’s remarkable
    In the same way that a cat on a skateboard is remarkable, so this video is remarkable. To be clear, al this means is that it’s worthy of remark. This does not imply inherent excellence, merely that it is of a remarkable nature. Three sisters from Mexico thrashing out Metallica is truly remarkable for many of us and so we share it. How can your project be more remarkable?
  • 002It’s outstanding
    These girls rock it. They are clearly dedicated to music and have worked their ass off to be this good, and at their ages too. We recognise their outstanding talent and commitment and admire it. It reminds us that we can also be outstanding in our lives and inspires us to raise our own games. How can you raise your game to be outstanding in execuition?
  • 003It’s familiar
    Like having named actors in our films or remaking a classic story, the ‘familiar’ plays to our need for a degree of certainty in all our choices – when we click play, we may feel uncertain about three Mexican sisters but CAN we feel certain of the song at least. There is also a lovely contrast here too, mega success metal band performed by underdogs girls. In film, casting and genre are the easiest ways to deliver certainty for audiences and buyers.
  • 13-04-2015 13-21-43The ‘click through’ works
    The ‘call to action’ that accompanies the video is clear and easy. Click through to their website and we can give them $1 toward their college fund to study music at Berklee. Their site is professional too and I get an immediate sense that these girls mean it. I am in! Is your call to action simple and clear? Beware – do you even have a call to action or are you sharing simply to get some kind of significance for the ego?

It’s really that simple.

Be remarkable… To get attention
Be outstanding… To keep people present and inspire
Be familiar… To make it immediately accessible and offer certainty (we kind of know what we are getting)
Then ask… Be specific and ask for something people CAN deliver

I for one cannot wait to see what these girls achieve. I am already a fan. You can listen to some of their original tracks on theiur site… BOOM!

Onwards and upwards!

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