Are we killing our creativity with social media?

Facebook, Twitter and all social media is amazing at click-baiting us into reading updates from friends, from people we call friends (but frankly don’t know), and advertisers slipped inbetween posts.

I used to value my time in the loo. It was genuine ‘blue sky’ time when I could think for a moment.

But now, that has been lost to Facebook. Maybe this is too much information, but I am guessing many others spend a great deal of time in those intimate moments alone flicking the smartphone screen up, looking for that delicious hook to draw us in.

The same is true of so many other moments in my life – out walking, on the tube, waiting for something… in fact all momentary pauses in life… All of these times used to be times when I could reflect, imagine and figure out creative conundrums.

I now appear to have lost most of that time to angry posts about Donald Trump and Brexit.

So my question is this? How much ‘creative’ time am I giving up to social media? For me, it’s too much time. Maybe it’s time to moderate a little and get back to using Social Media for my ends as opposed to being used by it.

For all of us, maybe it’s time to take back those stolen moments? For a day or two, why not try switching off social media and allowing your mind to float away into ideas, problem solving and perhaps even nothing much at all.

Of course the irony that you may have been led to this post FROM social media is not lost on me. It’s just an observation. And that any conversation arising from this post may also take place on social media. Perhaps then, everything is good, but only in moderation.

Onwards and upwards!

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