Tomorrow… Screenwriting Immersion Begins Online at LondonSWF365

Buckle up… Nearly a month of screenwriting events begin tomorrow at 7:30pm, all live and available to watch on demand after for one year. We have over 100 sessions set up and around 50 world-class speakers.

Now, here’s the biggest reason to join us: Momentum.

For many of us, February will be a tough month, but as in life, we pass through seasons.

We are both literally and metaphorically in the dark of winter. For many of us, uncertainty, loss on so many fronts and just plain old lockdown fever may be getting the better of us. I know it has for me. I have really passed through some terrible darkness over the last few months. Frankly I am surprised I managed to get out of bed some days. So yeah. There’s that.

So we designed the festival to combat this…

Yes there are amazing and inspiring sessions from the best trainers and screenwriters in the world. But also, community. Togetherness. Inspiration and elevation. Daily immersion in storytelling, film, TV… all the good stuff we love so much.

We become the people we hang out with, so join us and spend the rest of February hanging out with crazy, inspirational, excited, creative, passionate, friendly people.

What’s wrong with the world, conspiracy, rage, frustration, anger… those things are all available to you also. Again, I have spent my fair share of time in those places. But it’s not made my life, career or head space any better. No. It’s made it worse.

So I invite you to reconnect with the bigger possibilities and people who can encourage you, and help you on that journey. Again, CHOOSE to hang out with people who elevate you. Design your month of February. Even if you have to squeeze it in between damn zooms, home schooling, dealing with relatives who need help… I get it, right now there is an angry five-year-old ten feet from me refusing to write out his sentences as we have been thrust into homeschooling.


Again, what’s wrong is always available, it’s always there.

So let us be that light in the darkest days of this winter season.

And when we emerge, the dawn of spring will be upon us. Again, both literal and metaphorical. Together we will be positioned to embrace that change of season and prepare to fully unleash, unstoppable and with MOMENTUM… This is the heart of what we are doing. Getting us tooled up, mindset elevated, and networks expanded for the creative summer that is awaits those of us who can fix our gaze forward and upward.

You can read more about the festival, speakers and schedule on the site…www.ScreenwritersFestival.Online

Dive in, elevate, gain momentum, learn loads, make relationship and prepare for the unimaginably exciting new world that awaits on the other side.

So tomorrow, I will be hanging out with Peter Craig the writer of the last two Hunger Games movies, the new Batman film – and also Scott Myers, one of our highest rated speakers at LSF. So will hundreds of other screenwriters. Where will you be?

Join us. It will make the difference you want and need. Promise.

Chris Jones
Captain of LondonSWF

‘Just want to say a huge thank you for putting together LondonSWF Online. I’ve been absolutely blown away by so many amazing speakers. Huge, huge thank you to all involved.’
Caroline Knudsen, Screenwriter

‘I wanted to thank you and the team for putting on the most amazing festival this year. I’ve been to LSWF twice before, and this is the best yet. It’s actually brought structure to my day during Covid, as I have 3-4 sessions with top Film and TV people to listen to and engage with in Q&As. Your zoom cafes and writing exercises have been great for networking and have also kickstarted my writing, which completely dried up at the start of the pandemic. In the smaller breakout rooms, I also feel more comfortable meeting new people, as it’s less intimidating than entering a huge room with hundreds of people. Thanks a million to all of you. You’ve created a virtual festival like no other. Well done!’
Joe Solomon, Writer/ Director

‘Suddenly my quarantine life made sense and I was lifted up and motivated. And it’s not just the festival, but you and your team who brought happiness and hope into our homes.’
Stefania Orion, Screenwriter

‘Lockdown might have been in place, and with it came challenges here at home, but my laptop screen became a portal to another world of energy and creativity and hope and faith. And belief in the work people strive to do as best as they can. As the Festival went on, I had a deep sense of something profound and important coming to birth, and that at the heart of it, making it happen, were generous creatives and artists, who were also human beings in the fullest sense of the word. Truly thank you very much for having the vision and courage to put this on.’
Anita Reid, Writer

‘This is such a perfect mix! I’m an ambivert, and LSF365 is both sociable AND introvert-friendly! There’s a thrill in communing together in chat during a live session but when I can’t pull an Aussie all-nighter, then having the sessions On Demand is such a fantastic resource. I’ve often rewatched a livestream immediately the live event finishes to consolidate, concentrate and reflect. An incredible value-for-money resource. It’s flexible and practical, and the positive friendly vibe of the live festival has miraculously survived the interwebs! Bravo!’
Trish Curtin, Screenwriter, Australia

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