Post Shoot Blues

Eddie So the shoot is over and I spent a weekend in post shoot blues. As tough as a shoot is, the days after it can often be worse. There is also an inevitable pile of production problems, misplaced bits and bobs and dreaded bills to deal with. But most of all you miss the buzz, the new friends, doing amazing things with very little resources, playing with the big toys…

But… Editor Eddie Hamilton also began the edit. I went over to his home where he had already digitized the film, and gave him the high speed shots. He then copied all the Avid media to my external drive which now means he can edit all day and email me the ‘edit bin’ each night, which I then import into my Avid and it all immediately falls into place (remember I already have a clone of the video and audio media from his PC). The upshot is I awoke today to a lovely email with an assembly of the first five minutes! A few crew members have seen it. WE ALL LOVE IT!

I gave Eddie permission to ‘throw away the script’ in pursuit of a better story to be found in the edit, and he did that in a few places, and it is indeed better! Hoorah. I can’t wait to see more later tonight.

Happily my leg is much better now I am on medicines.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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