Planning the Premiere

Princess Anne Theatre BAFTA

Today I am working on the premiere (set for Jan 12th 2008). I just made a call to BAFTA to check everything is OK – and they have, believe it or not, double booked the theatre! It’s a good job my spidey senses were tingling on this, and I rang to double, sorry no, triple check it was all OK. So now we may be moving the venue! We hope we can get this resolved, and frankly, I believe we will. So fingers crossed that it all stays put at BAFTA.

We will be printing tickets in the next few days too, but of course, we can’t send them off until we get it in concrete about BAFTA. And with Xmas looming, I thinkn its going to evolve into a ‘collect your tickets on the door’ situation.

The logistics of a premier are quite enormous. Effectively, we are going to be making 200 phone calls, with a big spreadsheet, confirming by email, making sure everyone knows times, addresses, nearest tubes and dress code. It’s as much work as small film in of itself. Add to that, the one day seminar we are holding before the premiere, and you can see its going to be a full on day. Blimey.

I will be building the entire course content over the Xmas break and I am looking forward to that, sifting through all the old paperwork and organising it.

Blimey. Nothing is ever easy, or goes smoothly.

Onwards and upwards!

OK update, Monday 11.45 – Producer Ivan Clements has spoken to BAFTA and an agreement has been made, so the premiere is back on! Hoorah! During the shoot of Gone Fishing, Ivan became known in the production team as The Ivanator! And he is certainly back!

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