Gone Fisihing Seminar on DVD and March 16th

James I have been working on the next ‘Gone Fishing’ seminar which we are running on March 16th, so just a couple of weeks away (more info here). This second and final event is for those who could not attend the BAFTA screening, and for anyone else who wants to come along (we need to raise more cash for the music licence and 35mm transfers – it never seems to end).

We will be filming parts of this seminar again, and hopefully, a month or so after this, we will be making the whole seminar available on a five or six disk DVD set with book. The plan is also to make a final disk next spring, a kind of festivals and awards catch up and final autopsy of the whole process. This seminar next spring will be free to anyone who attended these first two, and a DVD will be sent to anyone who bought the DVD set.

We are editing the first seminar right now, and it’s a mammoth job. It’s being headed up by James Barham, a young editor I trained about a year ago, who showed so much promise I gave him this job (though it’s pretty thankless at the moment!) My ambition for this DVD seminar is for it to be the very best film making seminar ever committed to DVD. I have seen most of the other DVD courses now, and they range form pretty good, to unbelievably terrible (both in content and presentation). And all are American.

In the next few weeks we will announce the DVD set with an option for anyone who attended the seminars to buy at a discounted price.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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