Super Hero Training Day For The LSF Team

Adrian, a new LSF Team recruit looked at me with concern… ‘When you said we will firewalk I thought you were speaking metaphorically…’

The penny dropped as a LARGE crate of shattered glass spilled onto floor. Before we firewalked, we were going to ‘glasswalk’!!!

He looked at me in sheer terror – should he stay or should he run?

Welcome to Superhero Training Day for the LSF Volunteers.

Each year at the festival we are supported by an extraordinary group of people, the volunteers.

This year we wanted to give something back to the original volunteers, to acknowledge their excellence over the years, and to elevate who their possibilities through a series of workshops and seminars, filled with lots of shouting, laughing, dancing and hugging and occasional tears.

And for the new recruits who made up most of the room, this was an initiation.

10632865_10152776143896789_8241047346246205880_nAs a group we shared passions and fears and got to know each other very deeply. The courage and vulnerability was profoundly moving and created an atmosphere where we could bond not just as a team, but as people too. It was a privilege to lead the day, in of itself an opportunity for me to face my own fears and raise MY game too.

I believe that no matter how awesome any one of us already is, there is always room for growth and improvement. Our aim as an organisation is to take excellence to even greater heights.

Walking across 750 degree coals – hot enough to melt lead – was the big moment that called everyone present to step up and raise their game.

And I am delighted to report that EVERYONE walked the fire. Even Adrian.

‘This day completely changed my outlook of life.’
Scott Baker

‘I expected to meet challenges and I did. What I maybe didn’t expect to meet were the sheer variety of people, friends and camaraderie in the room. A bunch of people I am sure will always remember one another. Some came as groups of friends joining together. Some came alone, knowing nobody in the country yet. All left knowing we could rely on each other.’
Leilani Holmes

We walked in strangers. We left as a team.

Onwards and upwards!

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