The Road To The Oscars

Oscars The road to the Oscars is now truly underfoot. I put out a call to my list today, to get help on this journey, and I have been overwhelmed with incredible offers of support for the film and our attempt at the awards. And the offers have come from all over the globe too! I even got an offer of help from a Police Officer in the LAPD Video Unit! You never know…

Also, I got an email from Oli Lewington, who came on one of my courses a few years ago, who also wrote to me last year when it was hitting the fan on the movie, and hitting the fan for him too…

'I've followed Living Spirit since the days of the very first Handbook and would have loved to have got involved with Gone Fishing when it was shooting, but was a little busy dying at the time.  Now I'm not (yippee!), I'd love to be a part of such an exciting and driven company…'

Yes he really was dying, but he got the operation! You can read his post from last year here.

I have added an ‘Oscars Nomination announcement’ clock to the blog, on the upper left, and as I write this we have just over 157 days left BEFORE the nominations are announced. Set your watches now…

Of the sixty or so Oscar Qualifier festivals that are left, only 12 are left with deadlines that we can meet. But why bother you may ask, as we already have an Oscars qualifier win with Rhode Island? There appears to be a huge amount or rumour and speculation about how the films get shortlisted and then selected for nomination – should I try and win more festivals? Should I run a campaign in LA?  Should I go to the screenings personally? Everyone has an opinion and I am listening intently to them all. You can be sure though, we will do anything and everything to make this happen, and in line with Rhode Island, where possible we will video blog it all to take you on the ride with us.

Now it’s time to hit Withoutabox and get submitted to those last 12 festivals!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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