Gone Fishing Plays the LA Childrens Film Festival

Last weekend, Gone Fishing played that LA International Childrens Film Festival. It was represented by LA based GFisher and Associate Producer, Kerry Finlayson. She shot a short video blog while there, and reported back that while it was a low key event, the fact that it was free, non competitive and attended by kids, made it quite special.

It was held at The Museum of Latin American Art, but some of the films are going to be entered into an ‘outreach’ education program where they are show at schools for more difficult kids. This is wonderful news as I know that kids love the drama of the movie, but also ‘get’ the deeper and more human message.

On an anecdotal note, one thing I have found is that young children like the film because they can watch it repeatedly in a short time frame. ‘Again, again, again!’ is often heard after a second or third viewing. It’s that mix of thrills like the biggest pike ever, the ducks that squawk, the epic battle between man and fish, and of course, the human story beneath – it really grabs their imagination.

It’s quite unusual for an independent film to get such a strong response from younger viewers and personally, it’s one direction I would love to move my career toward.

So thanks to Kerry over in LA, for shooting the video blog… and I believe another is on the way too… more on that in due course.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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