Gone Fishing plays the LA Childrens Film Festival

6a00d8341e322053ef00e553eece248834-800wi Great news, Gone Fishing has been accepted into the 4th Annual Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival.

This is by no means the biggest festival we have played, but it is special in that it plays directly to children and is held at the prestigious Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. We have found that kids respond very well to Gone Fishing, the thrill of trying to catch Goliath seems to excite their imagination, while the message of the story seems to help them better understand the mysteries of life and death – the film does after all, deal with bereavement. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to really find out how the film plays to large but younger audiences, and also an audience in LA! I won’t be able to make the screening myself, but I will be asking GF’ishers, Kerry Finlayson (in Hollywood) and of course, Andrew and Genevieve in LA, to shoot a video blog and report back. I can’t wait to hear what the kids make of it.

The festival runs for two days only (Sept 20 / 21) and is a particular delight in that it is a non competitive event. As more details come in, I will post them.

I am also delighted in that my partner, Lucia Landino has been persuaded to handle all festival paperwork, print traffic and general management of the festivals that Gone Fishing will attend. This is a huge task off my plate and I am really grateful. Those of you who came on the Gone Fishing course know that Lucia also stepped in at a key moment in production to inject some critical cash. As I type this, she is arranging my flights for the Oldenburg film festival in just over a weeks time. What a superstar!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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