Oldenburg, the jury is in…

I am back from Germany after only two hours sleep last night, so right now, I have a pounding headache (on the last night there is a tradition that the film makers work the bar for the organisers, and it goes late, late, late…) Oldenburg was a bit of a 2000mph blur, with parties every night that went on until 4am, and then screenings all the next day. The town of Oldenburg is a wonderful place for a festival though as it’s small and intimate, yet has everything you need, even a top notch multiplex.

We were in competition, but we didn’t win, which on reflection, is not surprising. First off, the festival recognises German film makers in the main, and for the shorts, it has a history of favouring American Indie film – the award was won by a very dark American horror film shot on HD. So I am pleased it went to a film in genre that is close to my heart.

I hope I get a chance to go back to Oldenburg in the future and get to know the guys who run it better as everyone spoke so very highly of them. You could see they had a passion for cinema – I just simply didn’t get chance to do much more than shake hands and thank them for their hard work. So thank you Thorston and Patra, and the whole team, for looking after us all and making sure we got to see some great movies.

Even though we didn’t win, as a consolation prize, I did have this email waiting for me when I got home…

Guten Tag, Mr. Jones! 😉

Hope you enjoyed the film festival in Oldenburg! Just wanted to congratulate you for your wonderful short film "Gone Fishing". I still can’t believe, you didn’t win the award for this thing! I didn’t catch the winning movie, but really have to. When it can beat "Gone Fishing", it definitely has to be good ;).
I watched 18 movies plus a few short films during the festival and really have to say that "Gone Fishing" was my absolute highlight. So thank you for this one. I hope there will be the possibility to get the film some time on DVD. Wish you luck for the upcoming Academy Awards nominations! I think you definitely deserved it…
Greetings from Oldenburg,
Mathias Wagner, big fan of yours since Friday 😉

Blimey! I also got this email…

I was lucky enough to watch the film in Oldenburg though not lucky enough to comment. It was just great, esp. the images and the British feel to it! I loved it a lot and it deserves any award available. All the best for conquering the US, Judith *five thumbs up*

Blimey again!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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