The print goes to the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences…

Print HOLY TOLDEO BATMAN… Just say it out load, 'we are sending our movie to the Oscars!' Yes I know we are not nominated and only 'in consideration', but… ' we are sending our movie to the Oscars!'

Phew! Let me take a moment.

So the print for Gone Fishing is now packaged up and will be shipped by FedEx in the morning. All our papers are in order, all our photos prepared and the print has been checked and viewed… There was a little heart stopper today when under close scrutiny of the rules, we wondered when on the form it says…

…Everyone with a DIRECTOR or PRODUCER credit on the motion picture and the COPYRIGHT HOLDER must read the following and sign below and agree…

Does that mean ALL the Associate Producers too? If it did, we would have an enormous problem as we would need to get 175 contracts out ASAP! Producer Ivan Clements called the Academy and the confirmed that it’s only the named Producer that needs to sign (along with the director and copyright holder).

So just for due diligence, we thought we would get it in writing…

Ivan wrote… Hi Michelle, Thanks for talking. Can you please confirm that you only need the 'producer' to sign and not Exec Producers or Assoc. Producers. Sorry, it's our first time and we want to get it right.

And Michelle replied…

That is correct, only the director and producers need to sign.
Regards, Michelle Ayala

So off it goes, to Kerry Finlayson in LA, who will hand deliver it for all of us, all the 175 people who funded the movie, the 200 crew who made it happen, the 20 actors involved… When stacked up, there are a lot of people who have chosen to invest in this journey with me.

I dearly hope the next chapter will be the most exciting yet!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Richard Purves September 24, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    Good Luck Chris! I was proud to be part of the crew for the two days I could manage and found it worthwhile to work on a film that didn’t have the overhead of funding body assistance.

    Best wishes!

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