We are going to the Bahamas!

Ivanandnickcage Last night I received confirmation that we are officially selected for the Bahamas International Film Festival. FANTASTIC!

(their webiste is not updated to include the films for this year)

I can’t wait as it will be a wonderful break, a chance to work on the script for Rocketboy and an opportunity to meet a load of new film makers at beach parties 😉

Ivan went a couple of years ago and met Nic Cage there, which resulted in his production company taking a serious look at ‘Rocketboy’. Because of the idyllic setting, the festival does attract some serious heavyweight celebrities who I hope I can get onboard with the Gone Fishing promotion for the Oscars.

The Miami Short Film Festival and Bahamas International Film Festival are only a week or so apart, so I think I will zap over to LA to do some PR in-between. I am hoping that I can run my Gone Fishing seminar over in the Bahamas in order to get the cost of the flights covered, as frankly, money is very tight right now.

How amazing!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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