Choices, choices, choices…

Bulb Last weekend, I ran a test seminar on making corporate video, mainly as a way of supporting the unfortunate habit that many of us have become addicted too – film making. Staying alive financially is probably the biggest hurdle many of us face as we strive to carve out a successful career – and that means tough choices.

The Miami Film Festival runs next week and Gone Fishing is playing on the opening night. Sadly I won’t be attending as I just don’t have the resources to attend – I don’t have the money, but more importantly I don’t have the time available. It really highlights the difficulties ahead for me. Already many exciting opportunities are arising, and for someone who has been in the desert for so many years, it’s quite overwhelming to find yourself being offered water everywhere you go. And of course, some of that water is not real – it’s a mirage. I will need my Spidey senses to root out the opportunities that will lead nowhere. 

So I now face tough choices. What’s next? What’s real? What’s the best choice for me? What’s the pragmatic choice? The inspirational choice? How long do I wait? And I am amazed at how tired I am – it’s the result of carrying so many possible futures around in my head, and I am managing each one as though it were a certain future. So as I said, tough choices ahead.

Producer Ivan Clements is flying out to Miami to support Gone Fishing, so we should be getting reports from the Red Carpet Opening Night next week. Now, it’s Saturday night and I am going to do what I should really be doing – I am going to watch a MOVIE and clear my mind.


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Mack November 16, 2008 at 5:15 am #

    And still you’re left with yet another choice: WHICH movie will you sit back and watch?

    Hahaha, good luck to you man, and may only your best futures come to be.

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