Nightwatcher development and The Gone Fishing Seminar Online

Course The last few days have been immersed in script development on Project Nightwatcher. It’s been an intense and demanding process, and I hope in the next few days, to report on what is actually happening and what is about to take place.

I have also been completing the Gone Fishing Seminar Video that we shot on the day of the premiere, at BAFTA in January 2008. This is a full day ‘journey’ seminar about making a world class short film, an Oscar contender if you like. I had imagined we would release this on DVD, but it’s now looking much more likely we can release on the web – this will of course save money, which we can pass on to anyone who chooses to buy it. 

Just reviewing the video footage, I am amazed at how much we managed to compress into that one day. I am also glad that we shot it then, because so much of the process was very fresh in my mind, and so the detail is immense. It’s also not coloured by the passing of time.

The actual course covers the whole process, mainly from a creative perspective. It’s about ten hours of very detailed video seminar, with clips, interviews with lots of key crew members, a detailed dissection of script drafts and edits etc… All in all, even if I say so myself, it’s pretty amazing. I have beta tested the course with a few guys, and here is what one film maker said…

‘I've been reading lots of movie making books, listening to pod casts, researching the internet and watching 'making of' featurettes on tons of DVDs and NOTHING comes close to what I'm learning from your video course. Thank you for producing it!’
Danny Lacey – Film Maker

You can read the notes on my blog and feedback from the actual course here.

I also plan to shoot a final seminar, wrapping up the experience, discussing awards and festivals etc. I hope to do this as soon as possible, but it all really depends on whether we get the Oscar nomination or not.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Mark Morris November 14, 2008 at 8:53 am #

    Hopefully this will be out in time for xmas! I’ve been looking forward to this chance to really learn how to plan out my ideas and get something done!

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