Hello Hollywood!

Hh I have spent the last four or five days literally sleeping 14 hours a day.

And right now I FEEL GREAT!

I have been to a few parties and taken some meetings – I just love the fact that everyone here is, in some way, part of the film business, or at the very least in a creative business such as music or fashion. Add to that the overwhelming feeling of ‘come on, let’s do it…’ and I am really wondering why I am choosing to stay in London.

I was asked today, ‘If I was offered a ‘Go Project’ right now, but I had to move to LA, would I do it?’ It didn’t take me long to answer, YES!

It’s really sad for me that within a couple of meetings in one day, LA has made me feel more welcome and understood than I have in a year of banging on doors in London. Sure, I know some of it is just the ‘yes’ culture of Hollywood, and some is just hyperbolae, but I must admit, I feel more inspired than I have in some time. Maybe I really do need to consider my future on this side of the pond. They certainly have the weather.

I am going to Santa Barbara tomorrow, to the film festival, and hope to bring you the first video webisode shortly thereafter…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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  1. Hugh Hancock January 28, 2009 at 11:16 am #

    That’s very interesting. I consider moving to LA every so often, but I’m a little worried that being surrounded by nothing but film people might get overwhelming after a while. I’ve heard that it’s great whilst you’re up, but horrible whilst you’re down, because you can’t get away from it.

    I agree, though, it’d be stunningly nice to be somewhere where filmmaking is viewed as a major business. Often in the UK I get the feeling that being a businessman filmmaker is viewed rather oddly.

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