Festival Grid Lock… and we are going to need a bigger shelf!

Fests I am looking at a frantic couple of weeks for ‘Gone Fishing’ at international film festivals. Over the coming two weeks we will have umpty thrumpy screenings around the world. All are in the USA and the UK, and it has already kicked off with the Nashville Film Festival where Gone Fishing screens today.

The density of festival screenings highlights two problems for film makers.

First, even if I could afford to attend, which should I choose? Sadly I am broke so staying home, though at least two ‘Gone Fishing’ Associate Producers are attending in my stead – Kerry in the USA will hit several fests, and Louise Stegalls from my home town of Wigan, will be attending the Cape Fear Film Festival. We hope to get a report from them both while there.

The second problem is that of servicing these festivals. I have pushed to screen 35mm where possible, but prints are expensive and we have a limited amount of them. Of course if a festival CAN screen 35mm, it tells me that they are serious. Some festivals will also screen HDCam which is great, or DigiBeta, which is passable, or DVD which is rather tragic given we all put soooo much energy into getting the completed to such amazing standards. So shipping prints, tapes and DVD’s becomes a bit of a logistical nightmare, and is often referred to as print traffic. Then there is the cost of shipping posters and press packs, the time it takes to fill out B-side etc… I have said it before, but its like a full time job. 

Right now I am down to my last 35mm print as all other six prints are at festivals around the world, either being screened, sitting and waiting to be screened or in transit.

So fingers crossed for Kerry and Louise!

Finally, I was just asked how many awards we had won and blimey! We have won a fair few! Here is a list…

Lake Arrowhead, Best Short Film Award, 2009 (watch Webisode)

MethodFest, Audience Award, California, 2009 (watch Webisode)

ONFilm, Best Short Film, Norfolk Virginia, 2009 (watch Webisode)

Best Cinematography, Heart Of Gold, Australia, 2009 (watch Webisode)

The 'Toni' Directors Best Of Fest Award, Heart Of Gold, Australia, 2009 (watch Webisode)

The Performance Short Film Competition, Best Film, BAFTA, London, 2009 (watch Webisode)

Beverley Hills Short Film Festival, Audience Award, 2009

Sedona Film Festival, Best Film and Audience Award 2009 (watch Webisode)

Academy Award Shortlisted, Best Short Film 2009

Bahamas International Film Festival, Best Short Film 2008 (watch Webisode)

Barbados International Film Festival, Best Short Film 2008

British Independent Film Awards, 2008 Nominee

My Hero Film Festival, Best Narrative Film, Los Angeles, 2008

British Thunderclap Awards, Winner, 2008

Turner Classic Movies Awards, Finalist 2008 (watch Webisode)

Rhode Island International Film Festival, Grand Prize (First) 2008 (watch Webisode)

Kodak Awards, Audience Award at the Soho Shorts 2008 (watch Webisode)

Blimey! We really are going to need a bigger shelf!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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  1. Alex May April 21, 2009 at 1:18 pm #

    Let’s have a pic of all these awards! Or at least a montage. Would be good to celebrate your success.

  2. Karen April 21, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    That’s quite the swag! Congrats.

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