To fest or not to fest…

Conference Chaos here. I am about to go into hospital for my first procedure on my tooth today – after which so much of the immediate future will become very clear. I am booked in for another procedure next week too, but in-between, I may be shooting off to LA to the Producers Guild Of America Awards on Sunday night, where Gone Fishing is nominated for best short film (part of a PGA weekend of industry seminars). Add to that I am supposed to fly to Tokyo on Monday for the Short Shorts Film Festival (something I won’t be able to do if I need to go back to hospital next week)… Everything is SOOO up in the air and frankly, it’s doing my head in!

My great fear of course is that I am falling into the trap of doing too much on the festival circuit and not taking care of business, i.e., getting onto the next film. Are these wonderful events just glorious distractions? In a very good way of course.

It’s a tough choice. It’s also an exhausting, time consuming and financially expensive choice too.

Right, I now have to go and have my head drilled and pummelled for two straight hours!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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