The All New Digital Guerilla Film Makers Pocket Book!

Book We have begun work on a new Guerilla Film Makers book, not an update to the last one, but a whole new book. It’s going to be called The Digital Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook. Yes you guessed, it’s going to be tiny but very dense. The focus is going to be entirely on ultra low budget / micro budget film making on digital formats. The original Guerilla Film Makers Handbook will still be kept up to date, this is not a replacement for that weighty tome – the original book, which has grown into a dense encyclopaedia, will always have a place on your shelf as a reference. This new pocketbook will have its place too, in your pocket or bag, and it will be a reference for when you are on a shoot, inspiration for when you have 20 mins to kill on a bus, and it will all be bang up to date with tips and tricks you need to bring your masterpiece in on budget, then get it out there to be seen.

We are some way down the road now and soon we will be looking to interview film makers who have had various misadventures with their own micro budget films. So if you know of any that may have dropped off our radar, drop us a line here…

We are also planning a big accompanying website for the readers, where loads of extra content will be available, including things like regular podcasts, contracts and forms, as well as top notch video interviews.

It’s going to be AWESOME! Whenever we learn anything new you can be sure we will let you all know via the blog here, or twitter. We will also be running special events and parties, so get on our newsgroup (you can join by adding your email to the newsgroup box to the right here).

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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