What does 'The Stage' say about the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook?

Pocketbook2010 Reviews for the new ‘Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook’ are now coming in thick and fast, like this one below from the actors newspaper, ‘The Stage’. I have also just completed a microsite on www.guerillafilm.com for anyone who wants to buy a signed copy of the book direct from us – in the UK, USA and internationally. But the book here.

OK so here is what the review in The Stage said…

TheStage_logo If you’ve ever had the urge to make a film but don’t know how, this is the perfect companion. Part of the popular Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, this distils everything you need to know to get started into a guide you can carry around.

The book takes you through the process of making a low-budget movie and is packed with detailed advice, ranging from how to layout a screenplay to choosing a camera, casting, how to handle stunts and how to get your film released. Much of this is in the form of Q&As with experts, which gives you a view from within the industry and makes it easy to read.

The guide also has lists of concise but crucial information – what different equipment is best for, the ten things to spot in a contract, etc – and bullet points on topics such as keeping investors happy, writing dialogue and getting great sound. Case studies offer insight from successful low-budget film makers, such as Paranormal Activity writer and director Oren Peli.

And once you have finished reading, links to www.guerillafilm.com, the Guerilla Film Makers group on Facebook and Chris Jones’ blog lead to more resources, interviews and updates, as well as encouraging you to make connections, giving a sense of community.

Passionately written and entertaining to read, this is a brilliant how-to book that makes you want to start plotting your movie right away.

Lucy Brown

Blimey! Thank you Lucy! Remember you can buy the book direct from us… here.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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