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6a00d8341e322053ef00e5539a65b88833-800wi During the making of Gone Fishing, I made lots of new friends during production and also on the festival circuit. One person spanned both, British actress Kerry Finlayson who is also jobbing it in Los Angeles. She quickly became our LA correspondent for Gone Fishing, collecting prints from FedEx and delivering to the Oscars guys, attending festivals on our behalf, even ferrying me around LA when I was there. And now she has just produced her own first film! Go Kerry! I thought I would share some of her journey on the blog as she is one of the original and hardest working G’Fishers!

‘After the success of 'Gone fishing', we are now trying to follow in its footsteps and raise money to screen our short film 'Reunited' in Los Angeles in order for it to be eligible for the 2011 Oscars.

Reunited ‘Reunited’ is a moving story about a rumpled novelist, Frank Lechner (Robert Pine), who embarks on a literary ride whilst writing a memoir of his life with his beloved wife Sylvia (Bridget Hanley). Throughout this journey he revisits various life changing experiences taking him back to some difficult times during the 1960s. Link here.

Making 'Reunited' was a great experience shooting on 35mm film and working with seasoned professionals like our Emmy winning Composers, Sound Designer from 'Lost' and the Editor from 'One Tree Hill', who all graciously donated there time in order for us to produce a short film that is starting to pick up momentum at the festivals.

I also had a little cameo on the film as a 1960's nurse, which was the height of amusement for the crew as I was also Producing too!

Gallery-peter-holland-richard-peters One of the hardest shoot days, was where we were filming on a cliff top with our two main actors. We battled forty mile an hour winds and rain and I was worried we would all fly off into the sea. But when we came to edit the film those shots turned out to be some of the best, which really does go to show tenacity pays off.

We want to give ‘Reunited’ the best possible chance for the Oscars. It would be amazing if I could once again be asked to take a print to the Academy. .

In order for this to happen we need your help. We are using Kickstarter to raise $750 needed for the LA cinema hire for this ‘Oscars’ screening (CJ I wrote about this on my blog with Gone Fishing). Can you pledge a small amount? If you can, click here We are so close now, just $95 short with 13 days to go…

Here’s a little feedback from te film from a guy who knows his stuff.

Ron Tippe "I thought your film was absolutely wonderful and certainly worthy of an Oscar Nomination for Best Short. Writing, acting, design, cinematography wonderful, but the Direction was fabulous. Great movement of the camera to tell the story, wonderful direction of the actors and a total sense of cinematic storytelling'.
Ron Tippe (Producer: Shrek, Space Jam, Academy Award Nomination for Mickey Mouse 'Run Away Brain')

Thanks, and I hope you get a chance to see the film some time at a big festival!

Kerry Finlayson (Producer – Reunited)

Right… you have the Kickstarter web address. Can you help?

UPDATE – Kerry made her target so THANK YOU everyone who helped!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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