Is your film this year going to be a world class, award winning, door opening masterpiece?

Note – this is the introduction video to the workshop (clip from the actual course below)

I am running a special offer to help get your film made now… and not just made, but made to world class, career launching heights.

You may know that a few years back my short film ‘Gone Fishing’ was Oscars shortlisted (trailer here). We didn’t win, but we got so very close (check out the email from the Oscars here) team Living Spirit could hardly breathe for a whole month before the nominations were announced.

It’s not widely reported, but every year a new film maker wins the Oscar for best short film. And that was my target with Gone Fishing. I documented the whole process and learning in an inspirational and instructional workshop that can show you exactly how to make an Oscar contender too. Film makers like Danny Lacey have taken this model and are actively pursuing it right now… (good luck Danny!)

Consider, you could win a major festival such as Berlin, Toronto, the BAFTA’s or even an Oscar if you commit to the principles laid out in the workshop. At the very least, I promise that your next film will be significantly improved after taking the workshop.

The class is delivered entirely online (you can watch it over and over) and features around 15 hours of video tutorial, seminars, contracts, paperwork and interactive script workshops. It usually costs £69.99 but for the new year, we are offering it to the first ten film makers who sign up for £37.99… When the ten are gone, they are gone.

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‘Incredibly Informative and very inspirationas
I’ve read lots filmmaking books and online articles, but by far the “Gone Fishing Seminar” blows them away. The sheer amount of detailed filmmaking information was just so helpful to someone who doesn’t live in a big movie town, like L.A, or NYC. I’m still sorting out all the notes I busily wrote down, while watching the seminar videos. And Chris and his journey was so inspirational. I liked the fact that he shared with us his mistakes and what he learned from them, instead of sweeping them under the proverbial rug. With all the information from the seminar, I will start my journey and see where it leads me. It will be glorious.
Rob, Film Maker, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Note – this is a short example from the workshop, about the value of 2nd Unit and Pickup shoots. Includes offline edits (with timecodes).

How Is The Workshop Broken Down?
The workshop is broken into two distinct halves, ‘making the film’ and ‘exploiting the film’ and was filmed in two sessions, one at BAFTA and one at Ealing Studios. Here is how it is broken down, blow by blow…

  • Short Orientation (1 min)
  • Seminar Preface (2 min)


  • Introduction to the Seminar (33 mins) extras include original proposal and example short films.
  • Draft 1 Screenplay Workshop where you read the then page script and compile your own script analysis.
  • Draft 1 Analysis (6 min)
  • Your Career, a multi step career plan for a life in films (35 min)
  • Draft 2 Workshop where you read the script and compile your own script analysis – how far has the script evolved?
  • Draft 2 Analysis (6 min)
  • Creative Departments – Finding and working with the right creative team can make or break your movie. Here we look at the main creative partnerships involved (35 min). Includes an added bonus interview with Costume Designer Linda Haysman (22 min) including costume design paperwork
  • Final Draft Workshop where you read what we took to set.
  • Final Draft, Storyboards and Production Analysis (40 min) extras include complete storyboards as well as all production paperwork and contracts
  • Production Analysis and DP Vernon Layton where we look at the overall production lessons learned, and we meet DP Vernon Layton (37 mins)
  • Second Unit Analysis – the value of a second unit team picking up shots while main unit steams onward (29 mins)
  • Editing Gone Fishing, with Eddie Hamilton where we look at the edit process and watch various cuts to show the evolution of the story through post production  (70 min) includes bonus interview with Sound Designer Bernard O’Reilly (33 min)
  • Edit Workshop (BONUS) – Access to full rushes so you can cut your own version of Gone Fishing (also with chat tracks with Eddie Hamilton and Chris Jones – 170 minutes)
  • Second Unit Final Analysis – the real value of a second unit (3 mins)
  • Special effects, grading and mastering – the final technical stages of post production, including visual effects and a viewing of the film with colour grader John Claude, DP Vernon Layton and Editor Eddie Hamilton (37 min)
  • Final Analysis of the shoot and edit (7 min)
  • BONUS – Heros Journey parallel with ‘Gone Fishing’ (11 mins)
  • BONUS – How to throw a world class premiere (18 mins)
  • Conclusion – GONE FISHING in HD (13 mins)


  • Introduction to the second phase (1 min)
  • Opening thoughts on getting you and your film ‘out there’ (17 min)
  • Marketing and PR, a look at all the elements needed for a world clas
    s PR campaign at film festivals and beyond (41 min)
  • Film Festivals, Opening Thoughts – Before getting into the guts of film festivals, let’s take a look at what they are, who they are for, who attends and what your expectations should be (18 min)
  • Film Festival Strategies for your film (44 min)
  • BONUS – Interview with film festival veteran Alex Fazeli (20 min)
  • Film Festival Roundup – A look at what happened at some of the Festivals Gone Fishing attended, and what lessons have been learned from those experiences… (36 min)
  • BONUS – Behind The Scenes at the festivals (6 video blogs)
  • Sales And Distribution (22 min) including additional bonus ‘Cannes Behind The Scenes’, sales contracts, Music Cue Sheets and sales transcripts)
  • Awards and the Oscars (31 min)
  • BONUS video blogs from TCM awards, Leammle Theatres Contract plus Oscars and BAFTA accredited festivals
  • Conclusions After The Entire Journey (14 min)
  • Final Thoughts (3 min)
  • Survey and extra bonus videos


‘In the ever-expanding literature on film-making, where duplicate information is fast beginning to outweigh original sentiment, this inspirational seminar genuinely achieves that rarest of qualities – true uniqueness. No other resource more comprehensively and engagingly tackles the film production process from script to screen and beyond – simultaneously the antidote to, and finest example of, the director’s commentary. Sitting through the Gone Fishing seminar is the closest you will come to making a world-class film without getting off your arse and actually doing it (which, incidentally, is exactly what you will be inspired to go and do).
Jon Plant – Film-maker, 

OK, so remember, only the first ten film makers to sign up will get the discounted price of £37.99…

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If you want even more information, you can read more here…

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And the Gone Fishing trailer his here…

Note – Gone Fishing is included in HD as part of the online workshop.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author



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