London Doc Summit 2013 Success…. and one delegates first film…

This weekend we held the London Doc Summit and the feedback has been awesome. You can read below. One delegate contacted me about his very first attempt at doc filmmaking, and I said I would share this on the blog. Here’s what he said…

‘Just a quick email to say thank you for this weekend. It was so unbelievably helpful. Especially the social media lecture you gave yesterday morning.It’s a warm up to the feature length one I’ve just started shooting about The Bilderberg Group. I had no idea how to use the camera, sound equipment or editing software to its full potential so I thought why not make a short doc as practice. I, for one, am not a person to let a place like Southbank Skatepark get moved so people can make profit, so I got in touch with the skaters and they thought it would be a good idea to try and capture the vibe in a 15 minute film. Hopefully it will contribute to the saving of the skatepark.’
Jake Bexx

You can hear in his voice, and it was evident in the other filmmakers present, that Doc filmmaking attracts people of passion, dedication and a strong sense of right and wrong. It was a true pleasure and inspiration to spend a couple of days with them.

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And here is their feedback.

‘The Doc Summit has left me feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to develop my own projects – and given me the tips and advice to help make it a success!’
Olivia Prutz, DP
6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi‘Brilliant Two days! Worth every penny’
Ross McCall, Filmmaker

‘Brilliant blend of practical and behind the scenes stories that inspire!’
Alexis Dallas, Filmmaker

‘A really thorough, engaging, surprising, informative and fun event’
Freya Billington, Filmmaker

‘A brilliant insight into how the documentary process works with great tips on how to get ahead’
Amy Tsang, Creative

‘Thanks to the Doc Summit, I’m not afraid anymore of social marketing and know how to approach a crowd funding campaign’
Ana Candela, Filmmaker

‘After this course I felt inspired and determined to start new projects’
Claudio Bosato, Filmmaker

‘This is an opportunity to meet and learn from amazing ‘normal’ people who make incredible documentaries. We need more of this. A really fantastic 2 days!’
Noel Joseph, Filmmaker

‘I thoroughly recommend the Doc Summit if you need a boot up the backside to get yourself out there and meet people’
Andy Richardson, Cameraman, Editor

‘Bravo to the Doc Summit team to give me the opportunity to meet and learn from some wonderful people from the Documentary world’
Omar Farooque, Filmmaker

‘Absolutely mind blowing. Fantastic!’
Kiki Wang, Filmmaker

‘There was no bad session, not even one!’
Kamel Moussaoui


‘The Doc Summit has given me the advice, the tools and the inspiration…the scary thing now? It’s all up to me!’
Claire Sturgess, Broadcaster

‘I came here to get the tools to make my film, now I’ve got them (all)!! Thank you!!’
Dimitris Mastroyiannis, Filmmaker

‘Absorbing so much information and meeting so many interesting people makes you want to get out there and make your documentary right now. More than that, it makes you believe you can!’
Emma King-Farlow, Writer and Director

‘You will leave feeling empowered, inspired and connected. Thank you Doc Summit!’
Shayan Scott, Producer and Director

Onwards and upwards!

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