Talent is great BUT relationships get you hired

Delegates Networking at the LSFIf you meet the ONE person who changes everything, attending the screenwriters’ festival will have been worth it.

Every year I consider why it’s so important to come to the London Screenwriters Festival for screenwriters, filmmakers and other creatives.

I have written posts on why you should come, what benefits you will see, how much you will learn and who how we keep that experience alive year round… post HERE.

I have written about the total immersion we experience at the festival – where else can you join the creative lunatics as WE run the asylum for three whole days? You can read that post HERE.

I have written about why telling YOUR story is an essential act of creation – both for you and the world HERE

And it’s a fact…  there are 700 delegates attending this year (just sold out 600th pass with nearly two months to go), with nearly 150 industry professionals speaking.

All of that stuff is AWESOME.

But what I REALLY hope happens for you, if you are coming, is that you make that ONE relationship you REALLY want. The game changing relationship you need.

Be it a writing partner, an agent, an exec who loves your style… or someone who just ‘gets you’.

Talent is great, BUT relationships get you hired.

Of course you will make loads of new relationships at the festival, but I am talking about those special relationships that you need to accelerate your career into overdrive.

As Oprah said. ‘lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.’

So I invite you to get onboard the Festival Bus, enjoy the total immersion of being with nearly 1,000 like minded industry speakers and delegates, and hopefully, on your three day journey through the LSF, you will meet that ONE person… the missing piece of your jigsaw.

And finally consider this… YOU may well be the missing piece of someone else’s jigsaw too… It’s a two way street partner!

Get your pass here… http://www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com/

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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