Why the act of creation is ESSENTIAL for human beings

I have just spent the last hour on the phone to an extraordinary artist whose work will shake the world. The only problem is, she only gets glimpses of her brilliance and power.

So how do you cope with the urge to create when you feel shut down by judgement, often from yourself as much as others?

This is especially true when your work could be considered cutting edge, shocking or controversial. Especially in this world that can be resigned and cynical, happy to point fingers and shut down freedoms and voices?

Your art is not for you. It’s for someone else.

That’s the deal right there.

No matter how much pleasure or pain you feel in the creation of your work, if it touches, moves and inspires just one person, it will be worthwhile. I promise. They will grow, you will grow and the world will be tiny step closer to being one.

If you create authentic art, from the heart, reflecting courageous truth as you see it, your work will impact hundreds, thousands… perhaps millions. And that’s not a tiny step, that’s huge leaps and bounds. Your work can AND WILL change the world.

Creating art is not a gift, it’s not a calling, it’s not a silly pastime.

creativityIt’s a right and a human requirement.

Do it how you feel fit, just tell the truth and be courageous.

Do it and you will change the world, maybe for a handful of people, maybe for more. But you will change the world… and YOUR world too.

For me at least, that’s a game worth playing.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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